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  1. CBC News: 91% vs. 47%: Why vaccination rates are so different in these neighbouring Alberta towns

    February 21 2017

    Pincher Creek has among the highest childhood immunization rates in Alberta while neighbouring Fort Macleod has among the lowest, out of 132 local health areas in the province. (Robson Fletcher/CBC). Professor Caulfield provides expert comment.

  2. Agence Science Presse: Science et politique - Un mot clé : la confiance

    February 18 2017

  3. University Herald: Celebrity Health Advice Is Bad For Your Health, Says Law Professor

    February 17 2017

    Why do people listen to celebrity health advices? A researcher finds that this is actually disadvantageous to one’s health. Professor Timothy Caulfield provides expert comment.

  4. Montral Gazette: PepsiCo sees growth from "guilt-free" items like Baked Lay's

    February 15 2017

    Timothy Caulfield provides comment.

  5. AlbertaFarmer: Celebrity advice could have a negative impact on your health

    February 15 2017

    We have more good science and information than ever — and more people believing in ‘ridiculous bunk’, professor Caulfield provides expert comment.

  6. Associated Press: PepsiCo sees growth from guilt-free items like Baked Lay's

    February 15 2017

    Timothy Caulfield provides comment.

  7. National Post: Is Tom Brady's diet - no nightshades or fruit - the secret behind his success?

    February 07 2017

    Professor Timothy Caulfield provides expert comment.

  8. Real Clear Science: Don't Follow Tom Brady's Pseudoscientific Diet

    February 06 2017

    Tom Brady and vagina eggs - column by Timothy Caulfield.

  9. National Post: From Down syndrome to 'near normal'? New Delhi clinic makes stem cell claims that worry experts

    February 06 2017

    Professor Timothy Caulfield provides comment.

  10. Calgary Herald: From Down syndrome to ‘near normal’? New Delhi clinic makes stem cell claims that worry experts

    February 06 2017

    Professor Timothy Caulfield provides comment.

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In 1977, Professor Ellen Picard (now Justice Picard of the Alberta Court of Appeal) launched the Faculty of Law’s Health Law Institute (HLI) and in so doing established the very first research institute in Canada in the health law field. Read more...

Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything: The Not-so-creative Coupling Of Celebrity Culture And… Timothy Caulfield's Book is now available 

Is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything?

What you need to know about stem cell therapies

Policy recommendations for addressing privacy challenges associated with cell-based research and interventions

More publications


  1. Regenerative Medicine: Human gene editing: revisiting Canadian policy

    January 27 2017

  2. Combatting Unlicensed Stem Cell Interventions through Truthful Advertising Law: A Survey of Regulatory Trends

    January 03 2017

    Professor Ogbogu proposes the adoption and application of consumer protection legal frameworks, specifically truthful advertising laws and enforcement strategies, as a means of combating the proliferation of clinics offering and providing unproven and unlicensed stem cell interventions to the public.

  3. From Kim Kardashian to Dr. Oz: The Future Relevance of Popular Culture to Our Health and Health Policy

    October 26 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield transcribes Celebrity and Health Behaviours and Beliefs, Inaccurate and Uncritical Portrayals, Celebrities and the "Prius Effect", Our Celebrity-Filled Future, and Celebrity Conundrum.

  4. Science, Celebrities, and Public Engagement

    June 16 2016

    Timothy Caulfield and Declan Fahy on Science, Celebrities, and Public Engagement in the Summer 2016 Issues in Science and Technology.

  5. Science: Confronting stem cell hype

    May 13 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield co-authors new stem cell policy guidelines.

  6. Media portrayal of non-invasive prenatal testing: a missing ethical dimension

    March 04 2016

  7. Commercialization of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: Past, Present and Future

    February 08 2016

  8. Marginally scientific? Genetic testing of children and adolescents for lifestyle and health promotion

    January 15 2016

  9. Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purpose of Organ Removal and the Ethical and Legal Obligations of Healthcare Providers

    January 04 2016

  10. The commercialization of university-based research: Balancing risks and benefits

    October 14 2015

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